New Years Resolutions



Although I do agree that New Years Resolutions are generally abruptly forgotten..and those who make them are discouraged from doing so oftentimes, I still insist on upholding this tradition. I’ve done this forever. And I’m constantly making new goals anyway, so this list is just one of many, many, many lists of resolutions.
I’m aiming for practicality and definite, positive change this year.

1. Carry cash.
It’s obnoxious to split checks between a million different cards. It’s obnoxious to have to go to ATMs and break 20’s when paying people back. It’s obnoxious to go to cash-only places and T___T @ yourself/the establishment. It’s obnoxious to swipe your card everywhere you go, check your bank statement the next day, and then cry yourself to sleep. Carrying cash is a quick, easy solution to most of these problems. (Goes hand in hand with the “save money” resolution, which isn’t necessarily on here specifically, but is a constant thought on my mind anyways).

2. Wake up to one alarm.
Have to admit this is going well so far, because I have a 100% success rate so far (shh I know it’s only been 2 days). Plus I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm today, so if anything, that’s like a 150% success rate or something. I don’t know, I don’t do numbers. Anyway, this resolution stems from how irritating it must be for my poor roommate to listen to my (3) alarm(s) go off a million times in the morning, starting from 1 hour prior to when I should actually be out of bed, and recurring in 5-10 minute increments due to that damned snooze button. Damn you, snooze; and sorry, roommate, I promise to change.

3. Eliminate verbal static.
In everyday speech as well as online. Verbal static consists of “um”s, “uh”s, “like”s, “omg”s, etc, which is especially distracting in public speaking situations. Like tours. And meetings. And in class. And always, basically. And online, eliminate excess “LOLOLOLOL”s or “HAHAHAHHAHA”s. This goes hand in hand with my NYR last year, which was to stop saying “lol” if I wasn’t really lol-ing, cause that’s just dishonest, right? Obviously that failed, and I think in 2010 I went from “lol” to “lolololol” which is just going in the opposite direction, really.

4. Elongate my attention span, especially during conversations.
As of right now I seriously think I have ADD, and it’s really detrimental to my friendships when we are having long conversations and I suddenly realize that I have zoned out in the middle of their talking. This happens especially often when I am on the phone. Usually a good indicator of when I’ve stopped paying attention is when a lot of “oh yeahhhh”s come in. “Wait what?”s are popular, too. And honestly, “oh yeahhh” and “wait what?” are synonymous, the only thing that differs is whether or not I’ve realized what you’re saying is important yet. I sound like a terrible person. Seriously. I realize it’s a problem. That’s the first step. And I’m taking the initiative to change this. Hence the resolution.

5. Spend less time with technology.
But let’s be real. I’ll start slow and say log off facebook every once in a while, and stop doing that thing where I refresh my newsfeed to see if anything interesting is happening. Nothing that interesting is happening. Even less interesting is happening in my life if I continue to hit refresh.


Other (life) resolutions that I (and the rest of the world) make every year:
-improve health (fancy way of saying go to the gym, eating healthier, cooking more and eating out less. Farmers market anyone??)
-do better in school (includes: going to class even if it’s raining, establishing relationships with professors outside of class, speak up in class, actually read the books I pay mad bank for)
-meditate (harness the power of my mind and shit, so my default setting will not be anxious rabbit with a million things to remind myself to do. I see meditation as a chill-the-fuck-out pill for your head, which I need)
-seek out unique experiences & people
-you know, be a better person and all that. Develop better relationships with friends so I can get to that level of sitting around doing nothing and being completely comfortable with more people. Hold myself to a higher standard and do not settle for less.

2010 was so good for me. 2011, challenge accepted.

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